A Collection of Original Prose written or spoken by Characters in the Book


An Autonomous Woman  

               by Dr. Neelam Sethi 

An Autonomous Woman has a whole new reservoir of experiences to add to the collective.

An Autonomous Woman is any woman whose identity is not characterized by having or not having a man, nor by being a mother—

but by self-actualization and manifestation;

independence of finance and of thought—and most importantly, the power to Act.

An Autonomous Woman is self-defining.


Every woman must be recognized as a Human Being, first and foremost, then as an Individual—an Individual with Rights: The Right to Life, to Love and to pursue Happiness—whatever form it may take for her.


Every woman has the innate right to freedom.

Freedom to be and to think, whatever she wants to think.

Free to question authority in all of its forms: political, ideological, and religious.  Husband and God!

Free to decide for herself if she even believes in a GOD, after all.

The same exact freedom afforded any man in a democratic society.

How she wants to live her life is up to her and her alone.

Who she wants to be sexually intimate with is entirely up to her—her choice only. It is truly a matter of choice. There is no “I” without choice.


The questions have echoed all down the centuries: Why have women been subjugated?

Who benefited? Why the violence? And more importantly: Why have women allowed it? These questions must be answered.

In South Asia and parts of Africa, specifically, women still participate in the subjugation of other women: their daughters and grand-daughters.

But now, how do we put an end to it?



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