Author Bio

Born in New York City of African-American heritage, raised around children from different racial and religious backgrounds, living in cities like London, Zurich and Frankfurt, and traveling to France, Greece, India, etc, I relate easily to different cultures. And, although my stories are not about Black culture, per se, they do contain Black characters—some being the protagonist: as Vanessa Marshall in the upcoming novel, A Romance with The Sun, and the female super hero in my screenplay Healer. Like Octavia Butler, J. K. Rowling or Anne Rice, my race and gender have never defined what I write about.    

      UNBOWED, based on my screenplay, is my first completed novel.  

     The first story I ever wrote, The Brave One, was published in our school magazine: The Beachcomber.  I was 11 years old and that started the ball rolling, as they say. I began writing poems, essays and lyrics.   

     As a professional singer in my 20’s-30’s, I’ve had songs published in Germany and by Dick James Music in the U.S.  My articles on energy-based healing therapies published in a wholistic health magazine, Sika International.  

    Returning to college, in 2003 I graduated Magna cum laude from The CUNY Graduate Center with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Documentary Filmmaking, and was inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society.  

   An avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, from a very young age, I prefer to write fiction because of the sheer freedom it gives the imagination and the intellect to express ideas and concepts, and to explore the complicated issues we all struggle with.   And, what better way to connect to other human beings than through the intimacy of a story.

     One of my main interests has been yoga and meditation, which led me to India many years ago. Developing friendships with women from Sikh and Hindu backgrounds has made me more attuned to issues affecting them that I see in films or read about in magazine and newspaper articles and, ultimately, inspired me to write UNBOWED.

unbowed with transparency