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“A powerful novel that speaks out against so called ‘honor killings’ of women. 
This book is a page- turner, with a forbidden love story.  Basma and Vincent’s affair keeps one entranced, engaged coupled with anticipatory sexual excitement. 
The entire book makes a statement on the woman’s right to choose.  This is not another pretty, romantic, story but it’s full of sensuality and intrigue.  It will challenge what we think marriage and relationships are about. And, above all, how women allow themselves to be treated in the name of religion.” –            
Mzuri Moyo Ambaye

singer, actress, award winning playwright

“Blown Away by UNBOWED!”

“It is rare for one to be so taken with a book as the reader is with Unbowed. 
It is beautifully written, mesmerizing, and the characters are so well-crafted.
LESTINE’s voice captures the mind, the heart and definitely the soul of women. 
This passage from Neelam Sethi’s speech to an audience of women illustrates my point of feeding the soul:
        For you see, the Power that is God is the Power of Profound Love –
palpable love that engulfs you and washes away all your doubts, all your hatreds, and all your fears. 
          It is the purest form of Mother Love exalted to the highest level imaginable. 
          It is truly a Love Divine.’ 
To find these words in a novel full of passion, intrigue, romance, and women’s rights is truly a rarity and an inspiration.” 
LESTINE is a gifted writer and her debut novel UNBOWED is a must-read”.  
-Rev. Ileane Fae Ellsworth,

Minister, Holographic Resonance Practitioner, NY

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