“‘The Power of Touch is Profound’ as Dr. Scherer of The Scherer Institute* in Santa Fe, New Mexico, believed. And judging by the explosion of the Massage Therapy field in the last 15 years, this has become a common consensus.  

From Hollywood and sports stars– to housewives, advertising execs, Wall Street brokers and firefighters– Massage can now be accessed by anyone.  There’s probably a Spa down the street or in a mall near you.   

Also, in the last 15 years more people have come into the massage profession attracted by the prospects of working in a tranquil environment, far from the corporate world, where health and relaxation are promoted and where, in each session they have the opportunity to provide the gift of ‘true healing’ with the touch of their own hands, and to actually earn a great living from it.   

  “The film became a platform for people in the industry to SPEAK—SPEAK UP—SPEAK OUT, to say what was on their minds, and what I discovered was experiences,  joys and concerns we all shared.  

 The Interviewees often have different points of view and they don’t all share my point of view.  Therefore, I would say that MASSAGE-An Inside Story is a snapshot of the massage world based on what I and those therapists and teachers in the film have experienced.  It is a tiny glimpse of a much larger panorama.  This is why it is called ‘An’ Inside Story rather than ‘The’ Inside Story.  The film is not the definitive view of the Massage Therapy field.  However, as the film’s sole writer, producer, director, videographer and editor (not by choice, but by having ‘no budget’), it is my view, my critique and, ultimately, my story.” –LESTINE


   *Now called The Santa Fe School of Massage.