“Just finished watching the film. Amazing. Just Amazing…And thank you for raising such important and needed questions and insights about our profession, and the industry. Thank you!!”    H.A. LMT.  New Jersey 

“Lestine, just watched the movie! Really good! Really enjoyed it! Hope it brings you a lot of success. Thank you for making it. Thanks for giving us so much air space.  Much love to you”    Renate, Teacher, New Jersey

 What is it really like being a Massage Therapist?


MASSAGE- An Inside Story is a 3-part documentary film: 


 –that pays homage to the people who work in the profession and


–is an expose’ of the spa boom and the corporate takeover of massage schools.



“Watching Massage ~ An Inside Story was good reminder on why I became a massage therapist in the first place.  For those of you looking to become a massage therapist or for those of you who already are one, you will benefit from watching this film.  It tries to explain the positive as well as the negative on what’s been going on in this industry, and how far yet we need to go to truly be respected professionals.”  Stephen Macquignon LMT

What inspires some people to want to Touch for a living?

What it’s like going to Massage Schools such as the ‘prestigious’ Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences or Holistic

massage schools like Health Choices?

 MASSAGE-An Inside Story sheds light on this.   The film is also a platform for some veteran teachers and veteran massage therapists to   SPEAK OUT about their profession now being plagued with a takeover of the best massage schools in the United States by corporations like Steiner, Cortiva and The Quad Group.



Is it glamorous working in the Spa World?

What are some of the challenges of being in private practice?

Are new franchises like ‘Massage Envy’ good for the profession?

In the documentary, MASSAGE-An Inside Story, massage therapists answer candidly about some of the conflicts and challenges they face.  School owners and teachers share their thoughts on corporatism in the healing arts, while ‘The Dark Side of Massage ‘ chapter features a ‘newbie’ massage therapist describing those unpleasant situations where a client wants a ‘happy ending’.

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