A Human Cosmic Network

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Nonlocal Quantum Connections

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Who I Am

“Thirty-six years ago, I became aware that the world I was born into was not what it appeared to be.

For centuries saints and mystics have said this world was not real.  Indian mystics, like Rumi and Yogananda, call it Maya, meaning illusion.  Then in 1980, I had direct perception of this illusion, direct perception of the holographic nature of the Universe.  And, no, I was not on drugs.  Far from it.  Fact is, it would have been easier to handle such an experience if I had been on drugs.  I could yield to the possibility that it was just a hallucination and carry on with my goals and worldly ambitions.  But, instead, I felt like Dorothy in the famed classic ‘The Wizard of Oz’.  Being privy to what was behind the curtain of physical reality.  That lifting of the veil, from my eyes, meant I could never really return home—back to the prevailing world view.

Now, with quantum physics inching it’s way subtly into the mass consciousness through numerous books, films and more recently cutting-edge cable TV shows like ‘Brain Games’, and Morgan Freeman’s mind expanding ‘Through the Wormhole‘ series, the interpretation that I had of my experience has been verified. 

But what does this all mean?  Matter certainly feels solid enough according to my ordinary senses.  And that’s where the problem lies.   Our senses are fallible.   I believe that we, all living things, are part of a global-nonlocal- brain if you will.   And, we are playing in a virtual reality video game—at the cosmic level—in our collective minds and projecting it out onto space/time, which is a multidimensional scaffold.  Our thoughts are things.  Everything that we see and touch originated as a thought—an idea—first.  Everything is based on code.   There are chemical codes. Computer codes.   Nature itself is formed from code: The Genetic code. 

Recently, science finally decoded the human genome and is poised to do amazing and terrifying things with that information.  Yet the underlying question still remains: Who or What wrote the original code—the equation for the physical universe to spring into existence in the first place?  How is it that I am sitting here typing away on this computer, aware that I am typing and aware that I am aware that I am typing out my thoughts into words while the amazing ambient music of Brian Eno plays in my headphones?  How was I able to write songs, let alone sing them?  Perhaps a better title for this section should be: Who Am I? 

Decades ago all of this would have sounded crazy, and to some people reading this, it still does.  Listening to physicist, Tom Campbell (My Big TOE—Theory of Everything) or Amrit Goswami (The Self-Aware Universe), reading books like The Tao of Physics by Frijov Capra, or  Wholeness and the Implicate Order by physicist David Bohm; any book by Ken Wilber, Fred Alan Wolf; Beyond the Quantum and The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot just may change your mind. 

Today, there are numerous books, films and individuals who point toward a more comprehensive metaphysical or hyper-physical interpretation of reality. Popular spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukov and Eckart Tolle are just a few of them.  

Of course, most don’t share my view: that this life experience of ours is like a virtual reality video game created in Source Consciousness or imagination, and projected outward onto a holographic field.”

.         a

 I believe that we–all living things– are part of a global-nonlocal- brain, if you will.  

And, we are playing in a virtual reality video game—at the cosmic level—in our collective minds

and projecting it out onto space/time –which is a multidimensional scaffold. 

Everything is based on code.  There are chemical codes.  Computer codes.   Nature itself is formed from code: The Genetic code. Yet the underlying question still remains: Who or What wrote the original code…?



As a newly published author: UNBOWED-A Novel, it is expected that I have my own website, or at least the book should have one—and it does through the publisher. Unfortunately, I cannot add anything to that website and visitors cannot contact me.   But when I put in for my own domain name: LESTINE.com, I was shocked to find it already taken, but not used.  After all, Lestine is not a common name.  I didn’t bother tracking down the domain owner.  Instead, I pondered other versions like: .net or .co.    Somehow LESTINE.net just didn’t feel right, and although LESTINE.co did, I wondered if people would think the ‘m’ was missing, add it and land on the wrong domain.  

Then I imagined exactly what I wanted the site to be: 

  • A Central Hub or link to my creative projects: books, videos, films—present and future.
  • A Shop to purchase my DVD (for its niche audience) and my books—present and future.
  • A Blog: Silent Revolution Reloadedto share some of my own experiences and insights
  • A Resource of links, videos, books and the words of others: spiritual teachers, holistic healers, and quantum physicists who share my views and inspire me to want to live one more century;
  • My Soap Box to purge issues that are far beyond the mere pet peeve.  The things that rendered me speechless for decades are finding their way out into my books. 
  • Yet other issues and observances cannot be weaved so easily or nicely or considerately (of the reader). They just need to be expressed. Words without borders, with links to other people’s videos and books that are a battle cry, like my novel, UNBOWED.

          ( I have since learned that LESTINE.COM is for sale: $6,000! )


 I realized this central hub could be called “My Space”. But, not only is that unoriginal, ‘My Space’ is also taken. 🙂  A friend thought up LESTINE’S WORLD.   So Welcome!  Hope you return and tour here, often.                  



LESTINESWORLD.com is committed to creating books and films that speak to the activist and the idealist in all of us. We take on serious and sometimes controversial issues to challenge the prevailing concepts of reality and history, in order to ‘change the tape’ or shift the paradigm to evolve a new story for humanity. Therefore, we chose to keep hold and not compromise our vision of the human race that is more unified, compassionate, forward- looking and filled with unlimited possibilities.              

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“The Story Arts have become humanity’s prime source of inspiration,  as it seeks to order chaos and gain insight into Life.  Fiction gives life it’s form.”   –Robert McKee
Robert McKee


 “The Art of Story is the dominant cultural force in the world,                                                                                                                              and  the Art of Film is the dominant medium of this grand enterprise.”     
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